Sunday, 03 August 2014 01:34

Jakarta Globe’s Article: In Indonesia, Wedding Vows that Can’t include a Home”

Written by Asep Wijaya
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In Indonesia, Wedding Vows That Can’t Include a Home The Jakarta Globe, Jakarta on Jul 14, 2010 Recent discourse on the ownership of property in Indonesia largely has been focused on the laws and regulations concerning foreign workers, retirees and investors in the country. What has received less attention is…
Sunday, 08 June 2014 01:33

Jakarta Post’s Article: “Couples face Uncertainty over Property Ownership”

Written by Asep Wijaya
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Couples face Uncertainty over Property Ownership The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | May 10 2010 Dozens of transnational married couples have said they are facing confusion and uncertainty in dealing with property ownership, mostly because of overlapping regulations. William Waller, a British national who has been married to an Indonesian woman,…

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