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How Long Does It take to get an Indonesian PostNup?

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I get things for my clients. They want me to make sure their property ownership in Indonesia protected. So I get them a prenup. Even when they heard rumors that they didn’t really need a prenup to secure property ownership. But now, the Ministery of Agraria just announced they will pass a new law in diverting the foreign individual ownership to the Indonesian wife. Read the news here. When they do, your wife is better be ready. Both of you are better ready. You see, this is the situation where your prenup works hard for you, so you don’t have to. So what happen if you didn’t sign any prenup? Get a postnup. It stands for a PostNuptial Agreement.


Getting a postnup is not as convenient as writing a prenup. It takes time. The process sometime full of surprises. Someting that my clients don’t like about. But as an experienced attorney in this business, I always tell them to expect the unexpected. One thing must be kept in mind: never under estimate any single thing in this process. The last thing you want is hitting the wall because of some tiny weeny stepping stone along the way. Take a very careful step. Do not make any silly mistake that may ruin the proceedings. Prepare every papers related to your property ownership. Identify any single nominee that holds your assets for you. Since the postnup is meant to be applicable in Indonesia, gather those related to the Indonesia’s located property only. Unless, if you want the postnup valid wordwide, a certain additional proceeding must take place afterward. But I am not going to discuss it here. I’ll do it later.


You know, I like to keep things simple so my clients understand the whole big picture. They need to know where they are in the Indonesian legal system. Because getting an Indonesian postnup can sometimes be  surprisingly easy, or it can be extremely difficult. When the road makes a bumpy ride, they can figure it out when the turbulence will disappear. They know what to expect. They are not surprised by the facts that this is a difficult thing, but still it’s a doable one.  It just takes your patience. The success rate reached ninety five percent last year alone. The rest five percent, it hit a bumpy road and will take quite some times to conclude the whole process. With the right guidance from the right Indonesian attorney, you’ll get there safe and sound with all the previllege Indonesian postnup has to offer.


So how long exactly to conclude an Indonesia postnup anyway? Last year alone, the fastest was three months, and longest one was eight months. There you have it. Many factors contributed to the time frame of a postnup. You might want to set up a consultation first to identify the situation. This is quite important as you need to know what you will be going through. Do not engage someone with less-experienced  in this business as you probably ended-up hitting a dead end. The postnup serves a problem solver of youproperty ownership situation in your marriage. Do not hesitate to ask how many postnup they have created. Ask him the success rate in his portfolio. Ask him to show some proof. The last thing you want is to come up with something that creates a new problem. So you deserve to be precautious.

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